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2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport review : Top features & perf analysis

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport review of 2021 talks about the other aspects of the crossover in detail, so, read on ! The sporty and elegant 2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is quite similar to its regular counterpart, except for the seats, which lack a third row. Its wheelbase is the same as the Atlas, but the overall length is roughly 3 inches shorter.

The Overview

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport wheel
Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport crossover has two drivetrain versions: a turbocharged 2.0-liter and a 3.6L V-6, both mated to 8-speed automatic transmission systems. With the engine delivering 235 horsepower and 276 horsepower respectively in the two powertrain options, the VW Atlas Sport is available in both FWD and AWD options. The company calls its All Wheel Drive feature by the name 4Motion technology. Not to forget, Its nearest rival Tia Telluride with a 3.8L V6 powertrain also has similar stats.

Also, the midsize car provides lots of room to both passengers and luggage despite the reduced roofline with the shortened rear end. The Atlas Cross Sport’s sloping roofline and bigger C-pillar may cause some blind spots, but luckily, built-in 360-degree cameras will assist in driving.

Features in 2021 for VW Atlas Cross Sport

The VW Atlas Sports crossover SUV is available in three trim levels: S, SE, and SEL. You may customize your Atlas Cross Sport further by adding Technology, R-Line, and Premium options. Base S models begin at $30,855 and SEL Premium R-Line versions start at $51,615 with a AWD 4Motion drive.

 2021 Volkswagen Atlas SE with Technology

The 2021 Volkswagen Atlas SE with Technology comes with a price tag of $35,400. The car has all important features to make its buyer happy. 

Automatic temperature control, faux-leather upholstery, passive entry, heated front seats, a power-adjustable driver’s seat, and an 8.0-inch touchscreen are all standard features on the VW Cross Sport, particularly the SE variant with the optional Technology package. 

You need spend an extra $1400 if you want the V-6 above the basic turbocharged four-cylinder. Choosing an all-wheel-drive system adds $1900 to the price. 

2021 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport review: Towing Capacity

All Atlas Cross Sport vehicles with the VR6 engine with a factory-installed trailer hitch can tow 5,000 pounds, whereas all other models with a dealer or port-installed trailer hitch can only pull 2,000 pounds. If you intend to tow anything with the Atlas Cross Sport, you will also need the V-6 Towing kit.

Performance & Ride

The Atlas Sports version accelerates quickly from a standstill. Its 3.6-liter V-6 powertrain with front-wheel drive reaches 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds, which is faster than a normal 7-seater Atlas with comparable stats. The acceleration of the standard 7-seat Atlas with 2.0L engine, on the other hand, was better, with 0-60 mph reached in 7.1 seconds. 

Overall, the Cross Sport Atlas is not as sporty as it appears. However, the lighter crossover seems powerful enough, especially in the VR6. Its ride quality is firm but the wheels hammer over every hole and bump it encounters.

Mileage MPG

With a full 19.5-gallon gas tank, the Atlas Cross Sport has a range of 355 miles. The four-cylinder engine  is equipped with 21 mpg, 24 mpg highway and 22 mpg EPA ratings [1], combined for the front-wheel drive model and 18, 23 and 20 mpg for the all-wheel drive version, respectively. 

The V-6 is more fuel hungry and provides a combination of 17mpg, 23 mpg and 19 mpg ratings for the front driver. The six-cylinder all-wheel-drive model delivers the same combined rating but decreases to 16 mpg in the city and 22 on the road. The front-drive V-6 Atlas Cross Sport averaged 25 mpg on our 200-mile highway loop, over 10% better than the EPA estimate.


From the front, the Atlas Cross Sport appears virtually identical to the 7-passenger Atlas. In each headlight casing, VW has introduced a new LED signature that resembles two boomerangs. To give it a more athletic appearance, the bottom section of the bumper includes some more aggressive design elements. The horizontal lines of the front indicate a rather broad crossing of 78.4 inches.

The entire length is 195.5 inches, and the height is 68.3 inches. With a large wheelbase and tiny overhangs, the wheels are pushed to the edges. The sizes of the wheels range from 18 to 21 inches. The bigger wheels fill the arches well and complement the vehicle’s contemporary and sporty appearance.

Cargo Space

VW Atlas Sport’s cargo capacity is exceptional, with 40.3 cubic feet behind the second row and 77.8 cubic feet when folded flat, making it a class leader. Furthermore, its user-friendliness is enhanced by the availability of a power liftgate and a hands-free power liftgate.


The Atlas Cross Sport is fairly similar to anyone familiar with the three-row VW, despite a new steering wheel and door panel. Adults should be able to find comfortable sitting in any of the SUV’s three rows of seats, although unlike the normal Atlas, the Cross Sport only has a bench for its second row. For all five occupants, there is plenty of shoulder and leg room. In the second row, three average-sized individuals will be able to sit comfortably.The higher you go in trim, the better the quality you find. Leather and heated second-row seats are standard on SEL Premium variants. Front passenger seats are offered with both heated and ventilated options. 

Infotainment and Connectivity

All Atlas Cross Sports come standard with a touchscreen infotainment system that supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Navigation, as well as a reprogrammable gauge display and SiriusXM satellite radio, are options. Remote starting and analytics are available through VW’s Car-Net connection app. In addition, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot allows passengers to stay connected to the internet while on the road

Verdict: Should you buy a Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport ?

In our overall, Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport review, we believe it a genuine 5 passenger crossover SUV. The interior room is among the finest in class for both people and luggage. It has a stylish exterior with crisp lines, suitable accents, and decent proportions. The Cross Sport is a practical car with excellent towing, updated technology and several amenities. It’s an excellent addition to the VW portfolio and well worth a test drive if you’re looking for a five-passenger crossover.

Volkswagen Atlas Sports : Pros and cons

The top 3 advantages of VW Atlas sports are : 

  1. Racy appearance 
  2. Spacious Interior
  3. Warranty period of four years and fifty thousand miles
The top 3 drawbacks of VW Atlas sports are : 
  1. Ride quality is mediocre.
  2. Interior materials are unsatisfactory
  3. Priced higher

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