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Volkswagen Atlas Towing Capacity & Comparisons with Kia Telluride

Volkswagen Atlas Towing Capacity depends on the engine type
Volkswagen Atlas comes with 2 types of towing capacity variants

Volkswagen Atlas is one of the popular 3-row suv [1] for large families in USA. If you are planning to buy the midsize suv, learning about 2021 Volkswagen Atlas towing capacity is equally important. Why? Well! Because it’s vital in driving your car with considerabe luggages. Especially, when you are on a holiday or moving some heavy goods.

Moreover, knowing your vehicle’s towing capacity is essential to prevent damage to your vehicle with the burden an overweight load. Interestingy, unlike the popular belief, towing capacity of a vehicle is the total amount of weight that the vehicle is rated to move in addition to its own weight.

VW Atlas towing capacity review

Volkswagen atlas comes with 2 engine types – a 2.0L 4 cyinder powered and 3.6L V6 type 6 cylinder engine. Since, there is a direct co-relation of the towing capacity and engine strength, a 2021 VW Atlas with 2.0L can tow 2,000 lbs of weight. This 4 cylinder turbocharged engine in VW, generates 235 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. With the 2000 lbs towing capacity in VW Atlas suv, you can carry many of your favorite moderate weight adventures like small teardrop trailers, a mini A-frame camper or two stand-up Jet Skis.

Likewise, the one with 3.6L V6 engine can safely pull 5000 lbs. This engine flavor produces 276 Horsepower and 265 lb-ft of Torque. This much tow power is enough to port heavier items like – ATVs, motorcycles, rowboats, snowmobiles or a landscape trailer.

Not to forget, the new Atlas suv has 6 trim levels – S, SE, SE with Technology, SE with Technolgy R-Line, SEL and SEL Premium.

Factors affecting the towing capacity in Volkswagen Atlas

Certain factors play an important role in the effectiveness of towing capacity for Atlas midsize SUV. In short, a 2,000 or a 5,000-pound towing capacity car still needs couple of real world configurations to get full bernefits.

#1 Towing hitch type

Firstly, any 2021 VW Atlas is only able to tow 2,000 pounds, provided, it has the correct type of trailer hitch – dealer- or port-installed .

Secondly, you can tow 5000 lbs with this bigger family suv only when it is fitted with factory-installed towing setup. So, while manufacturer installed trailer hitch is already available in Atlas trim levels – SEL, SEL R-Line, SEL Premium, and SEL Premium R-Line, you need to separately ask for it in trim levels – SE with Technology and SE with Technology R-Line.

#2 Trailer Specifications

A correct hitch needs to be coupled with right trailer’s specification. In this post we are talking about braked trailers. In case of unbraked trailer, it is not possible to carry large weights. Also, unbraked trailers pose a greater risk to vehicles than braked trailers since car brakes are not built to handle heavy overloads.

Regardless of whether  you get a factory provided tow package or an secondary market one, the maximum weight restriction for a trailer without a braking system in VW Atlas is 1,650 lbs.

#3 Cargo Weight

The third crucial aspect to consider is the amount of stuff you will be transporting within the 7 passenger VW Atlas. When your SUV’s interior is full with passengers and/or baggage, it won’t be able to pull as far.

VW Atlas Vs Kia Telluride : Tow Capacity

SUV NameTowing Capacity (lbs)Engine Type
Volkswagen Atlas2,000-50002.0L turb charged/3.6L V6
Kia Telluride5000 3.8L V6
2021 Volkswagen Atlas data

VW Atlas Vs Kia Telluride : Cargo Space

SUV Name1st row 2nd row3rd row
Volkswagen Atlas96.8 cubic feet55.5 cubic feet20.6 cubic feet 
Kia Telluride87 Cubic Feet 46 Cubic Feet21 Cubic Feet
2021 Volkswagen Atlas data

VW Atlas tow capacity against rivals

SUV NameTow CapacityEngine
VW Atlas2000-5000 lbs2.0L/3.6L
Chevy Traverse5000 lbs3.6L
Ford Explorer5000 -5600 lbs3.3L Hybrid V6/3.3L Hybrid V6
Honda Pilot3500 – 5000 lbs3.5L V6 engine/3.5 L V6 tweaked
Jeep Grand Cherokee3,500 – 7,200 lbs3.6L V6/ 6.2L V8 ENGINE
Subaru Ascent2000-5000 lbs2.5L 4 cylinder

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