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5 Top Specs of 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Jaguar has introduced the luxury Range Rover Velar SUV – the most recent entry in its Range Rover series lineup.The Velar Range Rover is modern , elegant and with a touch of glamour.Let us find what are the top innovative specs used in  Land Rover Range Rover Velar.

Range Rover Velar’s Price and Release Date

On the occasion of global launch of Range Rover Velar at the New York Auto Show the company said that it will be available in USA “later this year".On price of the new Rand Rover it was said that basic model of the 2018 model-year mid-size SUV will start at $49,900.There will be three engine variants of SUV – 180-horsepower , 247 horse power and 380 horse power super charged 2-liter gas engine.

1 Flush deployable door handles

The beautiful door handles of  Land Rover Range Rover Velar SUV

The flush deployable door handle looks beautiful and Uber cool.The powered actuator shifts the handle from a fully retracted position to an intermediate position.The user has to grasp and pull the handle to a fully open it.When you release it shifts to a closed position due to spring force or a powered actuator.

2 Matrix Laser Lights

Land Rover Range Rover Velar's LED Laser headlamps deliver amazing visibility at night

The optional LED Laser headlamps delivers incredible visibility .These lights automatically switch on when it becomes dark.At speeds above 80 Km/h the headlights increases road visibility to as much as 550 mts and driver gets a day like visibility.The car creates a ‘shadow’ around the vehicle with illumination to alert other road users.

3 Key Fob Less Entry with Wrist Band

With just a touch of this wrist band you can lock or unlock your Velar

Just the job if you’re going to go full lifestyle and will be climbing into the car in wet or muddy clobber. If that’s you the Activity Key option will appeal too – familiar from the F-Pace it’s a waterproof, shockproof wristband that can lock the car and securely disable any keys left in it while you’re off doing your outdoorsy thing.

4 Auto Ground Height Adjustment

Land Rover Range Rover Velar can auto adjust height  by increasing or decreasing the ground clearence

When you arrive at the destination , the Auto Access Height function automatically lowers Land Rover Range Rover Velar’s height using air suspension making the passengers easier to get in or get down.The air suspension can raise your vehicle to 251 mm increasing ground clearance to escape hurdles in uneven terrains.

5 Large 22 Inch Alloy Wheels

The 22 inch alloy wheels in Range Rover Velar adds beauty as well as stability to the suv

The top model of the new Land Rover ‘Velar’ SUV has been fitted with 22-inch wheels .This not only delivers a smoother ride but also has an aesthetic appeal.The large alloy wheels with diamond-turned finish adds beauty to another level.

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