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8 Interesting Facts n features of 2017 BMW i3 electric car !

170 HP BMW i3 is the company’s first break away from petrol and diesel powered engine.It is the first electric vehicle from it futuristic i sub-brand.The company hopes to lure the buyers with a reasonable price for this car although its expensive as compared to conventional cars.

Its enjoyable to drive this noiseless green car build over modern construction techniques and use of aluminum fibre and carbon in its structure.The typical RWD in the car is powered by the electrical motors.In USA this car was updated with protonic blue metallic color apart from Mineral Gray , Platinum Silver and Ionic SIlver.In non-metallic it has Capparis White and Fluid Black.

1 BMW i3 has 170  Horse Power Engine

BMW i3 has 170 Horse Power Electric Engine

With an acceleration of 0-60 miles per hour  in just 7.2 seconds ( range extender takes 0.8 sec additional !) , BMW i3’s 1-speed gearbox 170 HP engine does its job well.

The under floor battery which powers the car also creates a low center of gravity making the handling of the car pretty good with a firm ride.

BMW i3  has a top speed of 99 miles per hour. The car’s kerb weight is 1348 Kg while Range Extender version has a weight of 1315 kg.

2 BMW i3 Battery Weight , power and Cost

BMW i3 battery Back Under the floor

The 230 kg battery consists of eight modules with 12 individual cells, with a rated voltage of 360V and 230kg weight.These battery packs are well placed under the floor of this electric car with arrangement for cooling for these batteries.These 33 Kwh battery packs comprises eight modules with 12 individual cells.The battery produces a rated voltage of 360V.

As far as replacement of battery pack is concerned ,the entire unit or even individual units can be dropped out of the life module by any mechanic.

3 BMW i3 Range and Top Speed


The 2017 BMW i3 has a range of 114 miles on a full charge.The electric car is also available with a Range Extender version which promises a range of 180 miles.The car can attain a top speed of 93 miles per hour in comfort mode.

BMW i3 although claims a range of 180 miles.But it depends on a lot of factors like whether the heating is on or how fast are you driving.For example if you opt for Comfort Mode you will enjoy an enhanced performance but at the cost of electric charge.Among the three driving mode Comfort , Eco Pro and Eco Pro +  of the car Eco Pro+ is the most effective which delivers maximum range with a speed at 56mph and without climate control.

4 Range Extender Version has a gas engine

2-cylinder Gas Engine Location in BMW i3

In fact , the range extender version of BMW i3 electric car also has a small gas engine along with the electric motor.So , when your car runs out of electrical charge , the small 650cc two cylinder engine kicks in to your rescue.

The gas cylinder in i3 helps to maintain lithium-ion battery charge up to 5%  helping you find a charging station nearby in the meantime.However , the gas engine is quite small with 1.9 gallons capacity. You will experience very low noise when gas engine starts.

5 Fast Charging with Level 3 Charger


BMW i3 is an all electric car and it needs charging.The fast charging at the stations will fully charge your car in 3 hours.But with any standard house hold sockets it is overnight affair taking up almost 8-10 hours.With a Level 3 charger the charging time can drastically be reduced.

6 Clamshell doors make back seat access Easy

Typical Clamshell doors in new 2017 BMW i3 electric car

One of the typical design feature are the clamshell doors of this car.This makes entry to the back seat super easy and quick.Luckily , the backseats have a fair amount of legroom too ! There is however an ugly twist in the story , however.To open the rear doors , you need to first open the front door which may be inconvenient to some.


7 Interior of BMW i3

Infotainment screen of BMW i3 showing navigation path towards the nearest charging station

Talking about the interior a rightly placed display screen show the status of petrol and electric range.The electric car in its charging mode will show the time at which it will get 100% charged.The infotainment screen apart from other features shows you a navigation path towards the nearest charging station in 100 miles radius.The features on the 10.2 inch infotainment panel can be accessed with the help of I Drive Controller Control Knob which also helps you switch to petrol mode to save the charge.

8 BMW i3 has only 2 passenger back seat

BMW i3 Interior Image

There is a seating space for only two passengers at the back.Also , headroom is again less in this car.The boot space of 260 L seems satisfactory.But ,  for a family hatchback small car it should have been little more.The seats and steering can be conveniently re-adjusted as per the suitability of the driver.

The absence of lumbar adjustment is a big drawback of this electric car since long journey may create a back problem.The standard features include DAB Digital radio , rear parking sensors , Bluetooth , rain sensors and 19 inch alloy wheels.The car has no traditional handbrake and its Gear Shifter is near steering column.

At the bottom-line this electric car is best for city driving.Practically long road trips are possible but if you frequently travel a distance beyond 80 miles in one direction this car is not for you.

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