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British Motor Wagon i.e BMW doesn’t require any introduction.It’s one of the leaders in car manufacturing sector. It has recently come up with the latest car called as BMW X1 SUV. This car is filled with lots of technology and lots of features.

Enhanced fuel efficiency

BMW X1 has fuel efficient dynamic technology which will help to increase the fuel efficiency of the car.The primary application from this technology is to improve the fuel economy. The secondary application is to reduce the emission. The reduction in emission will further extended the fuel efficiency of the car. It uses brake energy regeneration technique to stop the car. Due to this technology, the car will stop right at the spot when the brake is applied. The engine stop-start technology and gearshift point indicator are other highlighting factor for this SUV.

Engine Variants / Acceleration

There are lots of models available in BMW X1 SUV. There are four range of engine used comes in this SUV. 258 hp, 204 hp, 177 hp and 143 hp are the range of powerful engines available in BMW X1 SUV. Each and every specification has its own special features in it. BMW X1 SUV can move to 0-62 mph in just 6.8 second. This shows the accelerating power of this SUV. There is always a special style available in BMW family of cars. The style of arrangement of front and rear light are also available in BMW X1 SUV. The style of the car resembles 5 series GT and 7 series sedan to some extent.

Seat Arrangement

X1 has three full sized seats in an elevated fashion. Due to this arrangement, the car offers more space at the rear end. The backrest is also adjustable. You can set your necessary angle and can also fold down in 40 / 20 / 20 split. BMW X1 SUV has increased luggage carrying ability. The luggage capacity of BMW X1 SUV has been lifted from 420 liters / 14.7 cu ft to 1350 liters / 47.3 cu ft. The change in the luggage cabin tells us that this car is one of the best fit for traveling. You can choose the car for any kinds of trips like pleasant natural trip or rough trip.BMW X1 SUV will suit for all types of travel. The exterior design of the car has no words to describe. The carving and shaping of BMW X1 SUV shows the high end engineering works from BMW. They are one of the responsible companies for providing unimaginable cars to the world.

Car Versions

BMW X1 SUV is available in both versions i.e. petrol and diesel. The fuel efficiency of the car is maintained at optimal level irrespective of the speed you are travel.You can even travel at top speed but you will find the pleasure of driving at efficient fuel. The overall performance of the car is very good. People who are interested in having a pleasant or rough drive may opt for this car.

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