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BMW X3 crossover

BMW, the world renowned automobile company of repute came up with a beautiful looking sports activity vehicle called the X3. This SAV has grabbed and held people’s attention since its launch. The muscular and sophisticated looks of this car makes it fall in the category of crossover SUV. X3 is available in some classy shades which are platinum bronze, black sapphire, Monaco blue, alpine white, titanium silver and silver grey.

Design and Interiors

The BMW X3 is an epitome of agility, style and dynamic features. As soon as one looks at the exterior of the car they can very well estimate what a powerhouse it must be. It is fondly called the “speed master” as well. The bumper of the car matches the colour of the body which also has integrated fog lights. The headlamps look very chic and the taillights have a unique design too. The seats of this car are elevated enough to give utmost comfort to the passengers. The interiors of the car are very spacious and every detailing in its cabin is worth noticing. Luxury never seems to be compromised upon. The instrument panel and the wood trims of the seat exude beauty. The dashboard is done up with wooden finish which is then extended towards the centre console. The upholstery is made up of Nevada leather, known for its undoubting rich quality. Lumbar support in the seating arrangement is given for superior comfort of the passengers.

Engine and performance

There are two engine options given to the buyers. They are the DOHC 3.0 Litre gasoline engine in the 3.0si variant and 2.5 litre petrol engine in the 2.5si variant. The gasoline engine develops a power of 260 Hp and the petrol engine gives a power of 218 Hp. In both the variants DME that is the Digital Motor Electronics monitor has been given for managing the key functions.The suspension of the car has been given its due importance making the handling of X3 very smooth and light. The on road experience of the car comes out to be great and less bumpy.The DSC or the Dynamic Stability Control system manages and monitors the lateral acceleration and the wheel rotation. The traction because of this system goes up to maximum possible even on unfavourable road conditions. The tensioners and force limiters do a good job too. The rear seats have been provided with automatic seatbelts.

Safety features

The safety features of X3 include Impact Depending System of airbags, Hill Descent Control, Dynamic Traction Control and Cornering Brake Control. The powerhouse of performance and features, the BMW X3 is a show stopper all the way. Its smooth drive and killer looks are its USP. In a nutshell, this crossover SUV is here to stay.

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