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Chevrolet Captiva – Spacious 7 Seat Suv

Among the long list of suave and beautiful SUVs and crossovers, the Chevrolet 7 seater Captiva stands strong. The car was launched a few years back but since its launch it has got some facelifts which really increased its popularity. Similarly 2012 has brought about some new changes in the Chevrolet Captiva and it is again all set to win the hearts of its users and make them fall in love all over again! So let’s head on to the forthcoming sections of the Chevrolet Captiva review to know more about this gorgeous SUV.

When discussing about the medium level cars, the price tag and its performance are the parameter reported in a graph format. There should be good performance at reasonable cost, and then only the car will be successful in the market.

Engine and Technical specifications

Powered by a 4 cylinder in line 2231 cc turbo diesel engine the maximum power generated by Captiva is 184 Bhp at 3800 rpm and peak torque of 40.78 kgm at 2000 rpm. The power generated by this car is way ahead of 168 Bhp of the Fortuner and a little left behind from the 194 Bhp of the Santa Fe. Chevrolet Captiva has got a 6 speed manual transmission gearbox and weighs 1978 kgs. Yes it’s a heavy bold car! But that is what makes it look muscular and bold. With a good wheelbase of 2707 mm the car maintains a strong grip on the highways and makes the journey safe. The size of the wheels is 17 inches. The fuel tank capacity is a good 65 litres.

Exterior design

Available in 5 colors such as switchable silver, pearl white, carbon flash, Kandinsky red and linen beige, the Chevrolet Captiva is a delight to look at! Its beautiful muscular and bold design will be loved by all especially those who love to team sporty looks with a dash of luxury. The headlamps have been made more striking and the fog lamps look neater and cleaner. The two part grille with the new design is just stunning! The turn indicators integrated mirrors have been given a chrome strip adding to the beauty of the exterior look. The arch wheels have got protection moldings adding both to the safety of the car and its masculine design. The 17 inch wheels again make Captiva look bolder than before.


Just as the exterior designing the interiors too have got a makeover. The air conditioner vents have got a new shape. The centre console in the interiors has been made sharper and its sculpting has been enhanced. The angular vents of A.C and the enhanced functionality of the seven inch screen steal the show away. The navigation system has further been worked upon making it much more appealing than before. The speedometer and the tachometer this time around have been separately placed making their reading easier than before. The parking brake has been made electric which is controlled by a switch placed on the centre console.

The quality of the plastic used in the dashboard has been upgraded which is a great news for many. All the overtly shiny elements have been removed. The steering too gets a bolder feel. The seating arrangements haven’t been changed at all which again brings great relief to many. The 7 seat arrangement with 60:40 options of the rear seats gives a comfortable ride to the passengers. Everything feels fine but the lack of space with all rows up and in place is something that is still lacking and needs to be worked on. The cabin gets a new and enhanced music system too.


Coming to one of the main sections of this review, the performance of the Chevrolet Captiva is also enhanced.A VCDi fuel injection technology has been implemented in Chevrolet Captiva for the reducing fuel splitting and customized usage of fuel. Also the Electronic Brakeforce distribution (EBD) technology comes with Chevrolet Captiva as the enhanced version of anti locking system.The lowered compression ratio works effectively for reduced exhaust emissions. The enhanced power output will be felt well in the driving. The impressively reduced noise levels and refined functionality of the engine will just take you by a pleasant surprise! You can speed up from 0 to 100 kmph in 9.6 seconds which has been enhanced from the previous lagging 11 seconds.

Consistent efficiency under city ride and long rides in the fuel economy of this car is another good point as reported by many customers. Six airbags, hill start assist and the tidy dynamics tweaking of the chassis are the new surprising elements. The suspension works well taking away all the unpleasant jerks in the bumpy roads and the driving and handling is much better than before now. The electric steering wheel is more controlled and responsive but again it still lacks that adrenaline rush it should give to the SUV lovers. In spite of all the new changes Chevrolet has brought about in the Captiva, it still can’t stand in direct competition with the Santa Fe or the Nissan X Trail. But nevertheless, the new changes definitely have brought about big changes in its looks and most importantly its performance. So this is definitely going to increase the popularity Captiva is already enjoying in the Indian market.

Major Advantages

  • Highly stable at high speed
  • 7 seat suv with plenty of space
  • Beautiful exterior and interior
  • Smooth operation and reduced noise of the engine
  • Enhanced technological and safety features

Major Disadvantages

  • Less fuel efficient
  • 2.4 litre engine has a bad performance
  • Lacks that zing in driving unlike some other SUVs
  • Less storage area without folded seats

The all new Chevrolet Captiva has got some very impressive changes which are definitely going to appeal you. So if you are looking to buy a beautiful SUV and are a Chevrolet fan, close your eyes and go for the Captiva!

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