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Honda Pilot

When at first Honda Pilot was launched it was not equipped with much technologically enhanced features. But with the latest changes made to this SUV, it now looks a lot bulkier with many features to boast off. Navigation and rear seat entertainment system is the highlight of the new changed model.

Roomy Cargo Area

The design of the Pilot is very squarish and typical of the whole concept of SUV. The styling of this crossover is truly international. There is no fancy work done on the grille. It is simple yet stylish. Cargo area of the car looks very roomy as the C and the D pillars are quite wide.As we enter the cabin we see a lot of work done here. A heavy dose of technical features have been given. The most prominent one is the placement of the buttons and controls on the steering wheel and the stack. A huge joystick has been given to control the navigation and other audio functions on the screen.

DVD based System

The graphics are although not new to the Honda customers. The whole system is DVD based. This means sluggish performance sometimes. Information such as traffic and weather updates are lacking in the system. The Zagat is as usual present in the car which is seen in almost all Honda cars. This gives you ratings for restaurants. No touchscreen based system is given and all the controls are physical but they work very well. The voice command system is excellent. A route guidance system is given in the navigation system. Although there is no text to voice converting system that means you will have to read all the street names yourself.There are no issues with the ergonomics and the five speed automatic transmission shifter has been placed on the dashboard.

Engine and Fuel Economy

Pilot has a 3.5 litre V6 engine that gives 250 horsepower and 253 pound feet of torque which is not the best but yes fair enough for this vehicle. The operation is undoubtedly smooth and the transmission works well too. The engine is blessed with variable cylinder management technology.According to EPA the fuel economy given by Pilot is 16 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on highways. Here the performance does not seem adequate. Honda has to still switch over to the direct injection system. This would definitely result in rise of the fuel economy. There is a green Eco label that glows on the instrument panel while driving urging you to drive in a fuel efficient way.

Selective All Wheel Drive

Pilot has Mc Pherson strut in front and multilink suspension in the rear. The ride becomes decent and the handling much accurate. On straight highways the steering becomes dead in the centre. One of the variant comes with an all wheel drive system called the variable torque management by Honda. This makes the vehicle move with more power.Honda pilot has got impressive technical features and good performing engine, making it an SUV worth buying.

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