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Post Honda Clarity hydrogen fuel Cars to make US transport more affordable and emission free

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Design of Honda Clarity

Car buyers are not much familiar with Hydrogen Powered Cars.To many people , electrical car , seems more valuable than the hydrogen powered ones.

If you take the instances of US Energy Department even in the United States there are only 33 hydrogen stations unlike 15,431 electrical stations.Despite all these odds , General Motors and Honda have taken big steps towards making hydrogen cars a reality.Hydrogen Cars have a much better range and the filling time is less than electrical cars.

The automobile manufacturers GM and Honda have also entered into an agreement of jointly investing $85 million to to start mass production of hydrogen fuel cells by 2020.We are talking about some of the best Hydrogen Cars at the moment

The best car based on hydrogen fuel technology is Honda Clarity.The car was started to be leased in California since the beginning of 2016.EPA , recently , had given this car a range of 366 miles which is the best range for any vehicle with a zero emission.According to Honda the refuel time of Honda Clarity is just between 3-5 minutes.

At the end of last year General Motors had disclosed about its hydrogen powered car.The car sports 37 inch tires and dimensions will include a height more than 6.5 inch and width of more than 7 feet.

The United States Army will test this car in 2017 and ascertain whether the hydrogen car is suitable for its operation or not.According to GM , the car , has achieved the hydrogen fuel cell testing target of 3.1 million miles.

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